Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry2014-01-28T22:30:52+00:00

We pray for: Louise Troup as we celebrate her “90th” birthday today. We also give thanks for the “90th” birthday of Florence Fee who celebrated in May. We give thanks for the life of Ed Milius, father of Pam Salutric who died this past week.


Sara Closser, Dr. Jain, Carl Sagmeister, Monica, Mike, Rev. Butch Hohl, John & Bernadette Dowling, Leonila, Reba, Ed Milius, Cathy Dearinger, Wasisco Family, Hal & Nancy Jensen, Sue Gullang, Caroline Jones, Don O’Connor, Dave, Carrie Rennels, Vi Cote, Bud Taylor, Hiney-Lechelt Families, Deb, Dave Bragger, Bob Dunn, Patrick, Tom, Linette


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