Mission, Values and Vision

//Mission, Values and Vision
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Mission | What We Do

Gathered     Nurtured       Sent

  • We have gathered together to encounter God’s love, to be nurtured in our relationship with Jesus Christ, and we are sent  to share and care in Jesus’ name.
  • We worship God in a variety of ways but with the same purpose: to connect us to Jesus Christ in relevant and meaningful styles.
  • We grow in our relationship with Jesus by our intentional involvement with opportunites that increase and deepen our connectedness to God
  • We respond to God’s love and forgiveness by using our time and resources to touch the lives of others in Jesus’ name.

Values | What We Believe

God is Real and Loving

  • God has given us the gift of life in our birth and baptism. God has created all that exists and has given us the responsibility to be caretakers for this creation.
  • We live in broken relationships between creation, others, and God and are unable to reconnect those relationships on our own. It is only by trusting in God’s love and forgiveness that we can make the reconnect.
  • God’s love and forgiveness is experienced in being in relationship with Jesus Christ that gives us the opportunity to live a full and abundant life.
  • Jesus demonstrated God’s love and forgiveness by his teachings, actions, death and resurrection.
  • God is present in our life by the gift of the Holy Spirit and each person has spiritual gifts for the use in building God’s ministry in this time and place.
  • We live in a community of faith that equips, supports, and nurtures our relationship with God and God’s creation
  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God.

Vision | What We Are Becoming:

An Authentic Christian Community

  • We strive to live according to biblical values
  • We work to fulfill the mission of the congregation
  • We become a fully devoted follower – putting Christ first in life